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                                  November 01, 2021


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There are two Edward EC galleries: in main gallery 2 and main gallery 11. (you will see some reposts..sorry about this..) 

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A typical two-character image with a simple or no background is around $40 for line art and $70 for color.**





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**BONUS galleries are open! ..  THE BONUS Galleries CONTAIN ART DEPICTING THE DISCIPLINE OF ‘YOUNG ADULTS and no sexual content in these galleries!!.  If this is not your cup of tea, please don’t view galleries!!  The folks at showcase do not condone the abuse or mistreatment of children, physically or mentally.  Thank you!**

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Most commonly filled artist galleries are listed below; they are filled more frequently than others, and other galleries listed too.  But there are many, many other artists featured in showcase…   Enjoy!



                                                            Gallery Updates


                               November 01, 2021


The Bonus Gallery..(Gallery 14).. 102 added

Special MM gallery.. (Gallery 12).. 106 added

Femdom Gallery 19A..(Gallery 5).. 126 added

The Art of Sorenutz.. (Gallery 12).. 33 Added

Comics Gallery 8.. (Gallery 6).. 107 added

The Art of Poserart..(Gallery 14).. 11 added

The Art of OTTO.. (Gallery 9)..  36 added

The Art of Edward EC 2..(Gallery 11)..  30 added

Animations 2..(Gallery 14)..  52 added

Mixed Bag 28..(Gallery 11)..26 added

Mixed Bag 26..(Gallery 4) .. 100 added

The art of DIMOS & slipper..(Gallery 8).. 11 added

The Art of Swatty & Neprakta..(Gallery 14).. 9 added

The Art of COXBONES.. (Gallery 1).. 124 added

The Art of FRANCO.. (Gallery 2)..21 added

The Art of Vrrattko..(Gallery 6).. 7 added

The Art of TommyPT.. (Gallery 8)..  21 added

The Art of Lumasoc.. (Gallery 2)..  45 added

The Art of Ron Wilson 1..(Gallery 8)…  121 added

Mixed Bag 17… (Gallery 10)…  110 added

The Art of Ron Wilson 2.. (Gallery 14)..28 added

The art of ace3d & ENDY.. (Gallery 7)..  4 added

The Art of MURLO..(Gallery 8)..  15 added

The Art of Edward EC.. (Gallery 2)..  31 added

The Art of Eric Stanton..(Gallery 9).. 4 added

The Art of K. Birk ..(Gallery 14)..  2 added

The Art of Sassy Bottoms & Femfatale (Gallery 2)..4 added

The Art of Bill W. (Gallery 2)  …133 added

Ann Madison & GoldenEagleProductions (Gallery 2)..285 added

The Art of Jay Em..(Gallery 8)..  35 added

The Art of Dave Ell.. (Gallery 2)… 14 added

The Art of Jenn..(Gallery 2)..  1 added

Mixed Bag 51-hardcastle (Gallery 12)..175 added …

The Art of JPOTK (Gallery 12)…

The Art of Doc Cylon.. (Gallery 13)…48 added

The Art of Drooaygah..(Gallery 14)..129 added

The Art of Patty & Master.. (Gallery 8)..200 added

The Art of DHB (Gallery 8)..78 added

The Art of HIDE (Gallery 2)….14 added

George J Churchward & Smiths (Gallery 14)..206 added

The Art of P.M. Davies..(Gallery 8) ..6 added


*asterisk in front of a gallery listed above, also shows new art.   NOW, GO HAVE FUN!!


                          New Grand Total;  174,561


                                         146 galleries!


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